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  1. The Sikorsky CH-53E Super Stallion is a heavy-lift helicopter operated by the United States military.As the Sikorsky S-80, it was developed from the CH-53 Sea Stallion, mainly by adding a third engine, adding a seventh blade to the main rotor, and canting the tail rotor 20°.It was built by Sikorsky Aircraft for the United States Marine Corps.The less common MH-53E Sea Dragon fills the United.
  2. Fuel capacity: 2,286 US gal (1,903 imp gal; 8,650 l) internal in two cells per sponson (15,545 lb (7,051 kg)) 2,400 US gal (2,000 imp gal; 9,100 l) auxiliary internal in three cabin tanks (16,320 lb (7,403 kg)
  3. Fuel Tank Capacity: 1,242 gallon 4,701 litre Baggage Volume: Seats - Economy / General: 40 seats Seats - Business Class: 0 Seats - First Class: 0 Cabin Height: 2 metre - 6.56 feet Cabin Width: 2.7 metre - 8.86 feet Cabin Length: 9.1 metre - 29.86 feet Exterior Length: 30.2 metre - 99.08 feet.
  4. An internal two-cell fuel tank provides 1,465l of fuel. Drop tanks, with total capacity 4,921l, can also be installed externally to each sponson. For extended range operations the helicopter can be fitted with seven additional tanks providing an additional 7,949l of fuel
  5. Tactical Bulk Fuel Delivery System, CH-53E (TBFDS, CH-53E) General Characteristics Primary functions: Fuel delivery/refueling/Range extension Capacity: 2400 gal. (3/800 gal. tanks) Tank Length: 62 inches Width: 58 inches Height: 64 inches Weight: Empty 600 lbs. per tank Full (JP-5/8) 6100 lbs. per tan
  6. This gives it a lift capacity of 32,000 pounds, with a maximum takeoff weight of 73,500 pounds. The CH-53E can fly 621 miles before refueling, and can travel 57 miles carrying a 16 ton load

Internal Fuel Capacity 2,286 gallons 8.653 liters (@ 6.8lb/gallon = 15,545 lb) (@0.82 kg/liter = 7.095 kg) 2 cells per sponson Internal Aux Fuel Capacity 2,400 gallons 9.085 liters (16,320 lb) (7.450 kg) 3 x 800 gallon tanks 3 x 3.028 liter tanks DIMENSIONS 27ft 8in 28ft 4.9in 8ft 1in 9ft 7.2in 11ft 11in Rotor Diameters Main Rotor = 79f Start studying CH-53E Fuel System. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools

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Fuel capacity: 15,483 pounds (2,277 gallons/JP-5) Overall length: 99 ft 1/2 in; Height: 28 ft 4 in; Rotor diameter: 79 ft; Can be configured for wheeled or palletized cargo; Seats for 55 passengers or litters for 24 patients; External cargo of up to 36,000 pounds may be transported by using either the single- or two-point suspension system This quality drastically improves the strategic value of the CH-53E system in any theater of operation. Side sponsons also contain expanded fuel stores internally and allow for special mission equipment to be carried as well. Dimensions of the CH-53 include a length of 99 feet, with a rotor diameter of 79 feet and height of 27 feet, 9 inches The CH-53K King Stallion advances Sikorsky's 50 years of manufacturing and operational success with its CH-53A, CH-53D/G, and CH-53E predecessors.Built to thrive on the modern battlefield, including shipboard operations, the CH-53K aircraft is designed to be intelligent, reliable, low maintenance and survivable in the most austere and remote forward operating bases

It has enlarged sponsons to provide substantially greater fuel storage and endurance. It also retained the in-flight refueling probe, and could be fitted with up to seven 300 US gallon (1,136. Fuel for the third engine (No. 2) was supplied by an additional self-sealing fuel cell in both the left and right sponsons. External Cargo Hooks The CH-53E was equipped with a single point 36,000 pound capacity hook or a two pointsystem with two 21,600 pound cargo hooks which are limited to a combined load of 36,000 pounds On Dec. 18, Bloomberg reported that Pentagon officials are considering reducing the number of Marine Corps CH-53K King Stallion heavy-lift helicopters and replacing them with modified Army CH-47F. Currently in development and projected to be fielded in 2019, the Sikorsky CH-53K King Stallion is the newest aircraft in the CH-53 line. It is a large, heavy lift cargo helicopter intended to transport personnel and equipment from sea-based positions to deep inland locations The CH-53E is a follow-on for its predecessor, the CH-53D. Improvements include the addition of a third engine to give the aircraft the ability to lift the majority of the Fleet Marine Force's equipment, a dual point cargo hook system, improved main rotor blades, and composite tail rotor blades

The CH-53G is a heavy transport helicopter used exclusively by West German military forces in ArmA 3. It was added with the release of the Global Mobilization - Cold War Germany Creator DLC. 1 Overview 2 Design 3 Variants 4 Camouflage 5 Protection 5.1 Hull 5.2 Engines 5.3 Fuel tank 5.4 Instruments 5.5 Main rotor 5.6 Tail rotor 6 Slingloading 7 Vehicle-in-Vehicle Transport 8 Avionics 8.1 MAWS 8. The fuselage of the CH-53 was longer than it was wide but her appearance was imposing nonetheless. The fuselage was slab-sided in nature and tapered upwards into the empennage at the rear. Side sponsons widened the breadth of the CH-53 and external fuel tanks could be further mounted outboard of these for increased range

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The U.S. Navy says it's not sure when the U.S. Marine Corps will be able to declare initial operational capability with their new Sikorsky CH-53K King Stallion helicopters due to technical issues. The Chinook is a true multi-role, vertical-lift platform. Its primary mission is transport of troops, artillery, equipment, and fuel. The current CH-47F/MH-47G modernization programs will ensure this tandem rotor helicopter remains in the Army fleet through the 2030s

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Initially, the CH-53 was powered by twin General Electric T64-6 turboshaft engines providing 2,850 shaft horsepower each, each engine being located on the upper fuselage The CH-53s were easier to run than the Skycrane and very fuel efficient. Larger engines were also available for the CH-53 at that time, but they came from the military with smaller engines, which reduced their carrying capacity. Some people say that the CH-47 is fast, but the CH-53 is faster and it's more fuel efficient Total fuel capacity w/ aux tanks. 2,277Gal 15,483 lbs (JP-5) NO. 1/NO. 3 FUEL LOW caution lights. 666+-30 lbs. NO. 2 FUEL LOW caution light. 333 +- 15 lbs in either tank. Ground refueling pressure <55 psi. Engine accessories. Fuel boost pump Ng Tachgen librication pump highpresusre fuel pum An electric boost pump may be used to supply fuel under pressure to the control. The fuel usually passes through an aircraft shutoff valve that is tied to the fire detecting/ extinguishing system. An aircraft furnished in-line fuel filter may also be used. Fuel entering the fuel control unit first passes through a 10-micron filter 2. Must be able to compute aircraft weight and balance to ensure fuel efficiency and safety of flight. 3. Will plan for the use of C-130s or Civil Reserve Air Fleet as basic aircraft for the movement of all equipment and general cargo that can be transported by those aircraft. 4

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The Marine Corps itself is the source of the disconnect. The HLR program initially called for 156 new-build helicopters derived from the CH-53E Super Stallion design, with initial flight tests in 2010-2011, and initial operating capability (IOC) in 2014-2015. IOC was defined as a detachment of 4 aircraft, with combat ready crews, and prepared to deploy with all required equipment and spares Earlier CH-53 series transport helicopters had provision for towed mine-sweeping equipment. But the US Navy decided that a dedicated mine-countermeasures version was required. This helicopter has enormously enlarged side sponsons for an extra 3 785 liters of fuel, for extended sweeping missions with the engines at sustained high power CH-53 helicopter. It is primarily employed to provide bulk fuel at remote locations for both ground and aviation. The system has a carrying capacity from 2,000 to 2,500 gallons of fuel

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Capacity: 37 troops (55 with centerline seats installed) Payload: internal: 30,000 lb or 13,600 kg (external: 32,000 lb or 14,500 kg) Length: 99 ft 1/2 in (30.2 m Ch 53 1. Sikorsky CH-53E Super Stallion - largest and heaviest helicopter in us armed forces 2. INTRODUCTION • The Sikorsky CH-53E Super Stallion is the largest and heaviest helicopter in the United States military. • An internal two-cell fuel tank provides 1,465l of fuel. • Drop tanks, with total capacity 4,921l, can also be installed 6 I'm not sure if this is the same thing you are looking for but some of the CH-53 internal tanks are made by Robertson Aviation and called Tactical Bulk Fuel Delivery System(TBFDS) . I think there were 3 800 gallon ones in the 53E - not sure if they were in the 53A as well. Just thought I'd throw this out in case it helps your search An IDF team has been taking test flights aboard Lockheed Martin's new CH-53K in Maryland, but Boeing's CH-47 Chinook is in the running too -- and both programs could use a boost against their.

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  1. Formelly known as CH-53X, the CH-53K is a general redesign of the CH-53E with new engines, new cockpit layout and a wider cargo hold to allow it to carry a Humvee internally resulting in over twice the lift capacity and radius of action of the previous variant. Selected by the US Marine Corps in 2006, which has 227 on order, was expected to began flight testing by 2011 but was deferred to 2014
  2. These engines use less fuel, deliver more power and have fewer parts than the previous engines. Machine is fitted with next-generation composite main rotor blades. Blades are folded automatically. These are the largest and most advanced blades Sikorsky has ever produced. The CH-53K has a payload capacity of 15.9 t
  3. Official Designation: V-22A Osprey: Service Designations: CV-22 (USAF), HV-22 (USN), MV-22 (USMC) Primary Role: Tactical V/STOL transport: Secondary Rol

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A KC-130J Hercules, assigned to Marine Aerial Refueler Transport Squadron (VMGR) 234, air refuels a Humvee carrying CH-53E Super Stallion from Marine Heavy H.. The Super Stallion is based on the tried-and-tested CH-53 Sea Stallion. Major changes include adding a third engine, a seventh rotor blade and moving the tail rotor by 20 degrees. It is equipped with three General Electric T64-GE-416/416A turboshaft engines. Each produces a staggering 4380 shaft horsepower Crew seating capacity. IFR 2 Pilots . VFR 1 Pilot. Seating capacity, airline-style seating. IFR 12 passengers . VFR 13 passengers. Baggage compartment volume. 42 cu ft 1.19 cu m. Fuel capacity (internal, standard) 272 US gal 1030 L Crashworthy External Fuel System (CEFS) - Robertson Fuel.

A CH-53E Super Stallion heavy lifter helicopter with Marine Heavy Helicopter Squadron 465, a UH-1Y Venom aircraft with Marine Light Attack Helicopter Squadro.. Stealth. Poor. Fuel capacity. 3700 L. Year. 1966. Type. Marines, Airborne, Support. CH-53E Super Stallion is a American supply helicopter that first appears in Wargame: Red Dragon

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By Robbin Laird Recently, the Marines tested their new forward base refueling system with the CH-53K. The two together provide new capabilities for forward refueling points or for expeditionary basing. According to the Marines: Marines with Marine Wing Support Squadron 371, 3rd Marine Aircraft Wing, employ a tactical aviation ground refueling system (TAGRS) while conducting [  . The CH-53 Sea Stallion is the most common name for the Sikorsky S-65 family of heavy transport helicopters. Originally developed for use by the United States Marine Corps, it is also in service with Israel and Germany, and as the MH-53 Pave Low with the United States Air Force.. The dimensionally similar CH-53E Super Stallion is a heavier-lifting, improved version designated S-80E by.

Notable among these are fuel tanks providing twice the capacity of the CH-47F and an in-flight refueling system. MH-47Gs are remanufactured on the common MH-47G/CH-47F production line. Using the Chinook airframe, Boeing Helicopters also built the Model 234 , the commercial Chinook used for passengers, cargo, oil and gas exploration, and logging It is worth noting that these external fuel tanks have disadvantage too: A general rule is that only about half the capacity of a streamlined drop tank actually goes towards increasing the aircraft's overall range, the rest going to overcome the added drag and weight of the tank itself and CH-53 Helicopters Self Recovery Winch: (Optional) 15,500 lb (7,031 kg) rating, 280 ft (85.3 m) Line Capacity, Fore/Aft Recovery Positions. VEHICLE SPECIFICATIONS. Length: Width: 96 in (2,438 mm) Height: Operational 112 in (2,845 mm) Height-Pintle: Unloaded With Payload 36 in (905 mm) 34 in (864 mm) Wheel Base: 161.4 in (4,100 mm Mh 53e. The MH-53E Sea Dragon is the U.S. Navy's primary aerial mine countermeasures aircraft. A variant of the CH-53 Sea Stallion, the MH-53E is heavier and has a greater fuel capacity than its ancestor MH-53J - Pave Low III special operations conversions of HH-53B, HH-53C, and HH-53H About the CH-53 and MH-53: The Sikorsky CH-53E Super Stallion is a heavy-lift transport helicopter designed to transport personnel, supplies and equipment in support of amphibious and shore operations. It has a seven-blade main rotor and a four-blade canted tail rotor and is powered by three General Electric T64-GE-416A turboshaft engines, each rated at 4,380 shp

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on this CH-53 and have a view on details. TACTICAL GIANT The CH-53 is the largest transport helicopter in Western aviation, and in the world only exceeded in size and capacity by the Russian Mil Mi-6 and Mi-26. The Germany of the 'Cold-War' times really saw it well. In 1966 they were facing a need to deploy To extend their range, Pave Hawks are equipped with a retractable in-flight refueling probe and internal auxiliary fuel tanks. Pave Hawks are equipped with a rescue hoist with a 200-foot (60.7 meters) cable and 600-pound (270 kilograms) lift capacity The CH-53 Sea Stallion (aka S-65) family of helicopters used for heavy-lift missions. It is made by the Sikorsky helicopter company of America. The S-65 first took flight in 1964 in the form of the YCH-53 prototype Warfighter Value: - Lowers the weight of the foam and retained fuel by over 20% - Reduces the amount of displaced fuel (e.g., lost fuel capacity) by over 50%. - Delivers a 20% procurement cost reduction - Doubles operating life due to fuel blend compatibility - Improves the ease of installation and removal from aircraft fuel tank There are number of components can be found in aircraft turbine engine fuel system. Engine driven fuel pumps categories are constant and nonconstant displacement. Gear-type pumps have approximately straight line flow characteristics, when the fuel cools to 32 °F or below residual water in the fuel tends to freeze, forming ice crystals. Methods of regulating fuel temperature; three common.

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sidewalls, fuel tank inerting, self-sealing fuel bladders, and 30-minute run-dry capable gear boxes • The Navy intends the CH-53K to maintain a shipboard logistics footprint equivalent to that of the CH-53E. Mission Commanders employ the Marine Air-Ground Task Force equipped with the CH-53K for The TrTrsp CH-53G is a West German Transport Helicopter that first appears in Wargame: Red Dragon. 1 History 2 Ingame 3 Gallery 4 See Also To replace the H-21andH-34Ghelicoptersthe German Military evaluated the CH-47 and CH-53 in 1966. The purchase of the CH-53 was approved in June 1968. In 1969 of two pre-production helicopters from Sikorsky, production aircraft were licence built b yVFW. And the CH-53 K's air refuelable capability is built in for either day or night scenarios. A 2019 exercise highlighted the challenge if using the Chinooks to move capability into the corridor. In the Green Dagger exercise held in Germany, the goal was to move a German brigade over a long distance to support an allied engagement Featuring unprecedented performance with the TAK-4i™ intelligent independent suspension system*, the Oshkosh JLTV quickly adjusts to achieve diverse transportability needs - by air (CH-47 and CH-53 helicopters; C-130, C-5, C-17 and A400 Cargo fixed-wing aircraft), land and sea.And it's ready on arrival, giving troops the reliability and performance needed for harsh battlefield environments The H-92 can carry up to 3,030 kg of fuel in standard self-sealing fuel tanks, while an in-flight refuelling probe allows in-air refuelling for extended range flights. A 17 cubic metre cabin is fitted with a cargo handling system with a centreline 1,814 kg/4,000 pound capacity cargo winch, floor rollers and cargo tie-down points

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Self-sealing bladder fuel cell in forward part of each sponson, each with capacity of 1,192 litres. Additional two-cell unit, with capacity of 1,465 litres, brings total standard internal capacity to 3,849 litres. (Total internal capacity of MH-53E is 12,113 litres CH-53 Sea Stallion helicopter in flight, against the Nevada hills The CH53K Super Stallion is the largest and heaviest helicopter in the military's fleet of choppers. It weighs 33,230 pounds without fuel and has a maximum lifting capacity of 14.5 tons JLTV provides improved off-road mobility, fuel efficiency and reliability over Mine Resistant Ambush Protected All-Terrain Vehicles. SPECIFICATIONS Transportability: Internal-C-130; External-CH-47 at curb weight plus 2,000 pounds and CH-53; Sea-including height-restricted deck The CH-53 had arisen from a Marine Corps requirement to replace its aging piston-engine HR-2S helicopters. The Corps chose Sikorsky's single-rotor S-65 design over Boeing's twin-rotor CH-47 Chinook. The first CH-53As entered production in 1966 and quickly demonstrated the helicopter's utility in Indochina's hot and humid climate

The T408 gives the CH-53K helicopter the power to carry a 27,000-pound external load over a mission radius of 110 nautical miles in hot weather conditions, nearly triple the external load carrying capacity of current aircraft. GE Aviation's Lynn plant continues to deliver T408 production engines to the U.S. Naval Air Systems Command (NAVAIR) Cargo Hook Capacity: 20,000 lbs. Fuel Capacity: 1,250 gal. Endurance: 2.5 hrs. Speed (cruise): 115 knots. Maximum Range (nm): 230 w/ 30 minute fuel reserve. Passenger Seats: 0. SPECIFICATIONS. Maximum Gross Weight: 47,000 lbs Other features include a CH-53 capable flight deck to support day and night aircraft operations. The EPF is a commercial-design, non-combatant transport vessel, and does not require the development of any new technology - Fixed sunken CH-53 when using AFM (advanced flight model) - Add weapon proxies to OV-10 pilot view - Add tail elevator flaps on OV-10 by londo - Reduced turn cycle for M-274 mule by londo - Change fuel capacity of aircraft - Increase A-1 from 400 to 1000 - Reduce H-13 from 5000 to 2000 - Reduce O-2 from 5000 to 200 It's scheduled to go on the AH-1Z Cobra attack helicopter, CH-53 heavy lift helicopter, V-22 Osprey tiltrotor, and even the KC-130 transport/fuel tanker. Electronic warfare pods on a lumbering.

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engine, gearbox and fuel booster pump powering the UH-60. Among the seals Eaton provides are the starter seal, fuel control seals, ring-mating gearbox seals, fuel booster pump seals, and the No. 1 and No. 5 main shaft bearing seals. Sight Plugs & Gauges Various types of sight gauges, both race track and plug styles, are used on the UH-60 Take a look at the various Cat® telehandler models. Superior design and advanced features combine to give our telescopic handlers the best all-around visibility with low operating costs

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Fuel Capacity: 78 gal. (295 L) Cruising Range: 300 mi. (483 km) Fording: 60 in. (1524 mm) without kits • Mission profile of 70 percent off-road and 30 percent on-road • Ability to climb a 60 percent grade • Add-on kits, including armor solutions, are available to expand profile and further capabilitie CH-53 Super Stallion Description The CH-53E Super Stallion has proven to be extraordinarily relevant to the execution of our national security strategy, Navy and Marine Corps warfighting concepts and the associated need for capable heavy lift. From the Scott O'Grady rescue mission in the Balkans to delivering critically needed comba Due to its large size and troop capacity, aerial accidents that involve CH-53 helicopters were some of the deadliest helicopter accidents ever. * On 10 May 1977, 54 people were killed in a CH-53 crash in Israel. * On 4 February 1997, two CH-53s collided in the Helicopter Disaster in Israel. A total of 73 people died in the accident.[21 Specifications Boeing Chinook HC.Mk 6: Powerplant: two Honeywell T55-L-714A turboshaft engines, each rated at 4,168shp maximum continuous power Length: 98ft 10½in (30.14m) Height (rotors turning): 18ft 11in (5.77m) Rotor diameter (each): 60ft (18.29m) Maximum cruising speed: 160kt (296km/h) Maximum density altitude: 15,000ft Payload: up to 55 troops or around 22,000lb (10,000kg) of freigh

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Its self-sealing fuel tanks are mounted in external fairings on the sides of the fuselage. The fixed tanks hold 3,900l of fuel. Three additional fuel tanks can be carried in the cargo area Nov. 30, 1982--A Tustin-based CH-53E lost cargo and fuel tank, causing $71,000 damage. Feb. 10, 1983--A main rotor sheared on a CH-53E during a flight near San Diego. No one was injured The Sikorsky S-64 Skycrane (CH-54 Tarhe) is a heavy twin-engined crane helicopter produced by the American manufacturer Sikorsky Aircraft.The US Army was the main operator of the S-64 with 54 CH-54A and 35 CH-54B

Its load capacity is 3 tons higher than the Chinook's. one squadron—which will replace the current CH-53 Sea Stallion squadron at the Tel Nof Base, whose life has been extended until 2025. The helicopter is powered by two General Electric T700-GE-401C turboshaft engines rated at 1,425kW. The internal self-sealing fuel tanks have a capacity of 2,230l. MH-60R can climb at a rate of 8.38m/s. The maximum and cruise speed of the helicopter are 267km/h and 168km/h respectively, while the range is 834km The MH-53E was derived from the CH-53E Super Stallion and is heavier and has a greater fuel capacity than its ancestor. The MH-53 can operate from carriers and other warships and is capable of towing a variety of mine hunting/sweeping countermeasures systems, including the Mk 105 magnetic minesweeping sled, the AQS-14A side-scan sonar, and the. A 12V/24V electrical system is used and its fuel tank has a capacity of over 25 gallons. 170402-N-ZQ712-0307 SAN DIEGO (April 2, 2017) Marines assigned to Combat Logistics Battalion (CLB) 15, currently underway with amphibious assault ship USS America (LHA 6), prepare to airlift a Humvee using a CH-53 Super Stallion during a Helicopter Support. Italeri has re-released their nice 1/72 MH-53E kit. This is one of the great series of Sikorsky airlifters that also included the MH-53J Pave Low, CH-53 Super Stallion, and the HH-53C Super Jolly Green Giant. Molded in light gray styrene, the kit is presented on three parts trees plus an additional tree of clear parts

Well Deck Capacity: 3 LCAC or 2 LCU or 6 LCM-8 or 40 Amphibious Assault Vessels (AAV) (normal) or 61 AAVs (stowed) Aircraft Elevators: two 70,000 lbs lift capacity: Ship's Fuel Capacity: 1,872,831 gallons: Aviation Fuel Capacity: 439,544 gallons: Crew: Ship's company: 98 officers and 983 enlisted Marine detachment: about 2,000: Armament: 2 NATO. The Shadow also has an early entry configuration of 15 Soldiers, one Ground Control Station, the air vehicle transport High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle and the launcher trailer, which can be transported in three C-130s. All components can be slung under a CH-47 or CH-53 helicopter for transport. BENEFIT TO THE SOLDIE Prior to dispatching out the second half of our Rotary Wing fleet this year we took one afternoon to do a photoshoot with N49CU and the rolling stock. Each CH-47 module consists of a brand-new fuel truck that was custom built to our specifications along with a 53' ex-Nascar truck/trailer combination as a maintenance support vehicle All components can be slung under a CH-47 or CH-53 helicopter for transport.SYSTEM INTERDEPENDENCIES High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicles (HMMWV) Light Medium Tactical Vehicle (LMTV) 15KW.

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TM 4-48.09 (FM 4-20.197)/MCRP 4-11.3E, VOL I/NTTP 3-04.11/ 23 July 2012 AFMAN 11-223 (I), VOL I/COMDTINST M13482.2B v Preface SCOPE Note: Army loads must be inspected by a qualified sling load inspector prior to the arrival of the supporting aircraft The MH-139, a variant of the AW139, has been selected by the U.S. Air Force to take over the role of protecting the ICBM (Intercontinental Ballistic Missile) bases and transportation of U.S. gover Boeing says that it will begin flight tests of a CH-47 Chinook equipped with two more powerful General Electric T408 engines, the same ones that the U.S. Marine Corps' future Sikorsky CH-53K. The America-class amphibs are engineered to carry Marine Corps attack units, F-35B Short-Take-Off-and-Landing Joint Strike Fighters, Osprey tiltrotor aircraft, CH-53 Super Stallions and UH-1Y Huey.

Spindle-shaped external fuel tanks with a capacity of 1,893 liters (500 US gallons). A strengthened cargo hook with a load capacity of 11,340 kilograms (25,000 pounds). An external rescue hoist. An advanced automatic flight control system to ease pilot workload in low-level operations Fuel capacity 188+ US gal (710+ L) Range 324 nmi (372 mi, 600 km) Empty Weight 5,305 lb (2,406 kg) Maximum Takeoff Weight 89,300 lb (4,218 kg) V1.0. Complete rebuild of the Chopper . Suitable for Fg 2018+ versions. All new FDM - meets most perfomance figures. New sound FX. New Instrumentation. Main MFD has no iterchangeable screns as yet Batch 3 of the Steam Edition models has now been released. Includes low-priced versions of the A-6E Intruder, B-36 Peacemaker, CH-53 Sea Stallion, EA-6B Prowler, F-5E Tiger II, F-106 Delta Dart, F-111 Aardvark, Martin Mars, PV2-7 Neptune and the XB-70 Valkyrie. The full list of avaliable models can be seen on the Steam Edition page. Mar 17 The delegation was looking for a helicopter with augmented payload carry capacity, highly maneuverable and robust, that could survive direct hits from different caliber projectiles. They examined Boeing's CH-47 Chinook, and Sikorsky's CH-53. Lessons that had been learned in the Six Day War led the delegation to choose the Sikorsky The CH-47DG is an upgraded version of the CH-47C for Greece. While the CH-47SD (also known as the Super D) is a modified variant of the CH-47D, with extended range fuel tanks and higher payload carrying capacity; the CH-47SD is currently in use by the Republic of Singapore Air Force, Hellenic Army and the Republic of China Army

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In addition, the R-2800 engine was very loud, created a lot of vibration, and required much more maintenance than a turbine engine. The last CH-37 was withdrawn from Army service in the late 1960s. The Marine's Deuces were replaced by CH-53 Sea Stallions in 1967 The H-5 was originally built by Sikorsky as its model S-48, [4] designated as the R-5 by the United States Army Air Forces. It was designed to provide a helicopter having greater useful load, endurance, speed, and service ceiling than the Sikorsky R-4.The R-5 differed from the R-4 by having an increased rotor diameter and a new, longer fuselage for two persons in tandem, [2] though it retained. Four additional tanks in each wing, giving a total fuel capacity of 7,722 liters (2,040 US gallons), 40% more than the MV-22B. An AN/APQ-186 multimode radar with terrain-following and terrain-avoidance capability -- either coupled to the autopilot, or as an aid to the pilot -- plus ground mapping and weather observation modes

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