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The Apollo 13 mission was launched at 2:13 p.m. EST, April 11, 1970 from launch complex 39A at Kennedy Space Center. Apollo 13 Launch The space vehicle crew consisted of James A. Lovell, Jr. commander, John L. Swigert, Jr., command module pilot and Fred W. Haise, Jr. lunar module pilot In April 1970, NASA launched three Apollo 13 astronauts to land on the moon. But disaster struck on the way there, and the landing was scrapped. See photos of Apollo 13's epic survival mission here Apollo 13 was to be the third manned landing on the Moon as part of the American Apollo program. It was also designated as the H-2 mission, the second of the longer H-type of lunar landing missions. With a planned launch on April 11th, 1970 from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida, the spacecraft and its three-man crew would then coast their. First was James Arthur Lovell Jr., more popularly referred to as Jim Lovell, the commander of the Apollo 13.He was first designated as a Naval Aviator on February 1, 1954. In 1962, when NASA was looking for a second group of Astronauts for the Gemini and Apollo programs, Lovell applied and was selected. However, another fun fact is that it was the second time he applied and got picked Under the direction of Glynn Lunney, the flight director whose shift followed Mr. Kranz's, the Apollo 13 astronauts scrambled into the lunar module, which served as their lifeboat

At the time of the Apollo 13 mission, Lovell was America's No. 1 pilot — he'd been in space more often than anyone else and still is the only man to travel to the moon twice Flying the entire spacecraft from the LM was a novel experience, unique to Apollo 13. It was made necessary due to the unknown condition of the engine in the Service Module, and the necessity of shutting down the Command Module

Apollo 13 inspired an award-winning, eponymous film in 1995 starring Tom Hanks as commander Jim Lovell. Flying this stack of LM and CSM was like flying with an elephant on your back. Nov 4, 2014 - Apollo 13 - the mission where there was an explosion in the Command Module. The lunar landing was aborted and the Lunar Module was then used to propel the astronauts back to Earth The Apollo 13 emergency situation began on April 13, 1970, six days after the 42nd Annual Academy Awards ceremony in which the Oscar for Best Visual Effects was awarded to Marooned (1969) , a movie similar to Apollo 13 (1995) though entirely fictional. 26 years later, Apollo 13 (1995) had the Oscar nomination for Best Visual Effects but did not. Apollo 13 go for launch, Apollo 13 rocket launching scene from the movie Apollo 13 1995 Apollo 13 was to be the third mission to land on the Moon. An explosion in one of the oxygen tanks crippled the spacecraft during flight and the crew were forced to circle the Moon and return to the Earth without landing. Apollo 13 was launched on Saturday, 11 April, 1970 on a Saturn 5 rocket from the Kennedy Space Center, Florida

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A veteran of two Gemini missions (Gemini 7 and 12), the command module pilot of Apollo 8 and commander of Apollo 13, Jim Lovell was the first person to fly into space four times, and the was first. During Apollo 13 in April 1970, Canadian astronauts will start flying to the moon in 2023 with NASA's Artemis missions. 4. Here comes the juice! Gear up for 'The Expanse' Season 5 with our. Apollo Information from the National Air and Space Museum; Apollo-Soyuz; KSC's Apollo-Soyuz Test Project History Archive. The Apollo Program began before the first American was launched into space. In July, 1960, NASA announced that a program to fly Astronauts around the moon would follow the planned Mercury program, but with President Kennedy. Fifty years on from the Apollo 13 mission, Gene Kranz, the iconic former NASA flight director, talked with Digital Trends about why failure was never an option

Large teams of people working behind the scenes on the actual Apollo 13 mission were consolidated down to a few characters in the movie. The flight controllers work rotating shifts, yet only the primary team was depicted in the movie. Adding the other flight control shifts would have been more accurate, but could have been confusing The Apollo Lunar Module known as the Eagle descends onto the surface of the moon during the Apollo 11 mission, 20th July 1969. This is a composite image comprised of two separate shots. Space.

My father was flying his Beech Baron with my mother, brother and I southward returning from a fishing trip to Campbell River BC approaching a fuel stop at Vacaville/Nut Tree California. He had tuned in (via the ADF) a station with a live broadcast of the landing coming in over the cabin speaker The Apollo 11 Command Module, Columbia, was the living quarters for the three-person crew during most of the first crewed lunar landing mission in July 1969. On July 16, 1969, Neil Armstrong, Edwin Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins were launched from Cape Kennedy atop a Saturn V rocket Apollo 13 in front of hanger at Hickam Air Force Base in Hawaii in April 1970. The photo was signed by James Lovell. The active jamming missions included flying with F-105s on interdiction.

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Lunar module pilot on Apollo 13, Fred Haise also never got to walk on the moon, but he's one of only 24 people to have flown to it. Instead of Haise flying down to the moon in the lunar module. The Apollo 11 spacecraft took three days to reach the lunar orb. 3. Of the three Apollo 11 astronauts, Command Module pilot Michael Collins was the only one who did not set foot on the Moon WHERE WERE YOU Apollo 13?1969? WHERE WERE YOU Apollo 1 3?1969? The man on the moon landing anniversary! Mickey Rooney cast as the Andy Hardy of Judge Hardy's family The Apollo 13 crew members — (left to right) Fred Haise, Jim Lovell, and Jack Swigert — could finally breathe a sigh of relief as they stepped onto the deck of their recovery ship, the USS Iwo. Apollo 13 was the seventh manned mission in the American Apollo space program and the third intended to land on the Moon. The craft was launched on April 11, 1970, at 13:13 CST (19:13 UTC) from the Kennedy Space Center, Florida, but the lunar landing was aborted after an oxygen tank exploded two days later, crippling the Service Module (SM) upon which the Command Module (CM) had depended

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Apollo 13 Movie. I n the movie Apollo 13 (1995), Tom Hanks (and some others) was wearing the Omega Speedmaster. The watch is known for being the first watch worn on the moon. Besides the first manned lunar landing in July of 1969, the Omega Speedmaster has played a part of every one of NASA's piloted missions since 1965 On Thursday this week, an amazing piece of space history goes on sale at Sotheby's Auction house in New York - the original flight plan from the ill-fated Apollo 13 mission.. It's one item in a 'Space Exploration' auction of space memorabilia and artifacts, some of which are also highly significant. For example, the top item highlighted in the catalogue is a sample collection bag. By the end of the war more than 10,000 of them had been built, and they introduced novice Army and Navy pilots, including a young George Herbert Walker Bush, to the wonder of flight. More than 1,000 still fly today, and no group has more fun with a Stearman than the Flying Circus in Bealeton, Virginia Lovell readily agreed to lead Apollo 13 instead of 14. Flying sooner was always better than flying later, especially with the U.S. hemorrhaging funds on the Vietnam War and Congress looking for.

why were Jim lovell and crew bumped up to Apollo 13. because alan shepard had a ear infection. why did the prime crew re-do the simulator. because they used too much fuel. what was lovells dream. her husbands space shuttle had a problem and he fell out into space. how long does it take to get to moon Saturn V flew a total of 13 times between 1967 and 1973 with a 100 per cent success record. Designed and developed at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Alabama, under German rocket pioneer Wernher von Braun, it was the most powerful rocket ever built: a huge, three-stage leviathan, weighing more than 3,000 tonnes and towering 110m above the launch pad While it is true that the module that landed on the Moon carried the two astronauts, they were three in total when they left the Kennedy Space Center, Florida on July 16th, 1969. When the Apollo spacecraft approached the Moon, one module was left orbiting around the Moon and was piloted by the third astronaut named Michael Collins

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The Apollo 13 crew patch featured three flying horses as Apollo's chariot across space. Given Lovell's Navy background, the logo also included the mottoes Ex Luna, scientia (From the Moon, knowledge), borrowed from the U.S. Naval Academy 's motto, Ex scientia tridens (From knowledge, sea power) The Apollo 13 movie, starring Tom Hanks, Bill Paxton and Kevin Bacon, showed some of the drama of the flight. Lovell's radio call-out, Houston we have a problem, become one of the. Project Apollo remains one of mankind's greatest achievements. Fighter jet pilot in Korea, X-15 test pilot, one of only two civilians selected for the second astronaut group in 1962, Gemini 8.

Apollo 13 was the third manned lunar-landing mission, part of Project Apollo under NASA in the United States. The crew members were Commander James A. Lovell, Command Module pilot John L. Jack Swigert, and Lunar Module pilot Fred W. Haise. It launched on April 11, 1970. Two days after the launch, the Apollo spacecraft was crippled by an explosion, caused by a fault in the oxygen tank April 13, 2010 — Tuesday marks the 40th anniversary of the in-flight emergency onboard Apollo 13.With the call to Mission Control, Houston, we've had a problem, the goal for the astronauts and flight controllers went from landing men on the Moon to bringing them safely back to Earth The Saturn V SA-508 rocket carrying the Apollo 13 mission really did blast off at 14:13 (military time for 2:13 p.m., ET) from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida—and in Houston (CT), that was.

On 16 July 1969, American astronauts Neil Armstrong, Edwin Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins lifted off from Cape Canaveral, Fla., in the mammoth-sized Saturn V rocket on their way to the moon during the Apollo 11 mission. Cmdr. Armstrong and pilot Aldrin landed the spacecraft, Eagle, on the moon's Sea of Tranquillity The true story of technical troubles that scuttle the Apollo 13 lunar mission in 1971, risking the lives of astronaut Jim Lovell and his crew, with the failed journey turning into a thrilling saga of heroism. Drifting more than 200,000 miles from Earth, the astronauts work furiously with the ground crew to avert tragedy

The Apollo lunar landing missions numbered 13 through 17 all intentionally crashed their S-IVBs onto the lunar surface to create artificial moonquakes that could be measured by seismic instruments. The third member of the Apollo 13 squad was the command module pilot named John Swigert Jr. (Kevin Bacon in the film). Hailing from Denver, Colorado, he served in the United States Air Force from 1953 to 1956 Apollo 13 is smart, captivating and a classic from the 90's. Y'know, it never ceases to amaze me how well films age. Whether it's a flashy blockbuster or a low budget drama, ageing is a curse that. On Monday, 13 April (AEST), I arrived at Tidbinbilla to find everyone involved with the Mission was busy with their work. The Mission was on track. On Tuesday, 14 April (AEST), Apollo 13 was tracking along well. I settled down to work. After lunch there seemed to be a great deal of activity in the Control Room. Then we heard that there was an explosion on Apollo 13's Service Module HERE'S HOW MUCH NEIL ARMSTRONG WAS PAID TO LAND ON THE MOON The first moon landing was arguably one of the most dangerous things anyone ever did. If things did not go exactly as planned, if an important piece of equipment failed, if the timing was..

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The Apollo lunar module (LM-13) was developed by the Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corp. (now Northrop Grumman). The LM's main functions were to carry two astronauts from lunar orbit to the moon's surface, and then return them to lunar orbit to rendezvous and dock with the Apollo command-service modules Watching Apollo 13 after First Man makes for an immensely satisfying experience.First Man, though released more than two decades after Apollo 13 and with no relation to it other than the slice of history they're both covering, seamlessly flows into it with a montage that recounts Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin's historic landing on the Moon. It also helps that Apollo 13 doesn't get. Apollo 13 was the seventh crewed mission in the Apollo space program and the third meant to land on the Moon. The craft was launched from Kennedy Space Center on April 11, 1970, but the lunar landing was aborted after an oxygen tank in the service module (SM) failed two days into the mission Donald Kent Deke Slayton (March 1, 1924 - June 13, 1993) was a United States Air Force pilot , aeronautical engineer , and test pilot who was selected as one of the original NASA Mercury Seven astronauts . He went on to become NASA's first Chief of the Astronaut Office and Director of Flight Crew Operations, responsible for NASA crew assignments. Donald K. Slayton Slayton in 1973 Born.

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  2. or glitches in the early stage of the mission and, through the first two days and into the early part of the third, the flight seemed to be defying the worst fears of those prone to a habitual state of nervous anticipation.
  3. Apollo 11 and 12 were fake and done in a studio. But NASA really wanted to go to the moon, so they created Apollo 13 to put an end to faking it, and Apollo 14 through Apollo 17 really did go to the moon
  4. Apollo 13's Lunar Module performed a vital lifeboat role when that mission had to be aborted following an explosion. Most of the other modules - once they had safely returned astronauts back to.
  5. A quick summary. Ken Mattingly's first assignment was the Command Module Pilot on Apollo 13. However three days prior to launch, he was replaced with Jack Swigert from the back up crew as it was feared he had been exposed to measles shortly before

There he worked on several World War Two aircraft such as the B-17 Flying Fortress, B-25 Mitchell, and P-47 Thunderbolt. Apollo 13 is a copyrighted work of Universal Pictures and Imagine Entertainment . Scroll to top. Programming Note: 29 July 201 On Apollo 17, one astronaut reported getting This is one of a series of shots that Stu Roosa, pilot of the command module, took of Antares flying away with his two crewmates inside. While the surface was powdery, the astronauts discovered that the regolith (lunar soil) packed down quickly a few inches below The original onboard footage from Apollo 13 (Magazines 1142-AA, 1208-GG and 1193-K) can be found at the Apollo Flight Journal site. Apollo 13 Command Module Pilot Jack Swigert floats through the tunnel connecting the CM Odyssey to the Lunar Module Aquarius during the return from the moon Lovell reads newspaper account of Apollo 13's safe return aboard recovery vessel USS Iwo Jima.. Main article: Apollo 13 Lovell was backup commander of Apollo 11 and was scheduled to command Apollo 14, but he and his crew swapped missions with the crew of Apollo 13, as it was felt the commander of the other crew, Alan Shepard, needed more time to train after having been grounded for a long period Updated Oct. 13: Added more information about Armstrong and the X-15, and about Hansen's thoughts on First Man, the movie. Updated July 19, 2019: Added more detail about Armstrong's Apollo experience

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LAUER: (Voiceover) As if to drive home the point, lead flight director Gene Kranz recalls that NASA scheduled Apollo 13's launch for 1:13 PM, or, in military time, 13:13. (Mission control room. The first piece of Apollo 13 mission hardware to arrive at Kennedy Space Center (KSC) was the S-IVB-508 stage of the SA-508 launch vehicle on June 13, 1969. This was followed by the delivery of the S-IC-8 first stage three days later allowing its erection on Mobile Launch Platform 3 (MLP-3) inside the Vertical Assembly Building (VAB) on June 18 Which is how it should be. With Hanks, Kevin Bacon, and Bill Paxton in the cockpit, Apollo 13, opening June 30, is the true story of three astronauts — Comdr. Jim Lovell, Command Module Pilot.

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Apollo 13 - Houston, We Have a Problem: When Swigert (Kevin Bacon) stirs the oxygen tanks, something goes wrong; shipmates Lovell (Tom Hanks) and Haise (Bill.. In 2010, on the 40th anniversary of Apollo 13's safe return, Fred Haise, the mission's lunar module pilot, traveled to the University of Toronto to thank the engineers who'd done the math. Apollo 13 never landed on the moon as there was an explosion on the way there diabling the spaceship. The three astronauts (captained by Jim Lovell who also flew on Apollo 8) returned safely to. Apollo 13. Apollo 13 When the movie begins you can see that there is a barbeque going on at Jim Lovell's house. You could draw the conclusion that Jim has worked with the others before at some point. This is where the forming begins Jim invites other astronauts over to watch the first landing on the moon

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  1. Apollo 13 is on the launch pad undergoing tests. Because one of the oxygen tanks drains slowly, the pad crew turns on the heater to raise the pressure and get the tank to drain faster. What likely happened was when the heater was powered up at 65 volts on the pad, the 28-volt thermostatic switch fused in the on position
  2. On Apollo 9, the crew tested the Apollo moon Lander by flying it in Earth orbit without landing. On Apollo 10, the Saturn V launched the lunar Lander to the moon. The crew tested the Lander in space but did not land it on the moon. In 1969, Apollo 11 was the first mission to land astronauts on the moon
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  4. Do you think Apollo 13 disaster was faked in order to stop pretending we are flying to the Moon? Answer Save. 31 Answers. Relevance. Zheia. Lv 6. 1 year ago. I don't think it was faked. I remember watching it on TV, and it was pretty nail biting. In fact, the worse disasters were Apollo 1, and the 2 space shuttle disasters
  5. As James Stacey mentions in today's Daily Uplift, you can follow along with the Apollo 13 mission's progress in real time, thanks to Apolloinrealtime.org. Tune in tonight, and you should be able to hear the space-to-ground back and forth as the incident occurs. You can read all about the Silver Snoopy Award at nasa.gov
  6. The Apollo 13 crew are all shown wearing U.S. Naval Aviator wings on their flight suits. While these wings were correct for Jim Lovell (U.S. Navy) and Fred Haise (U.S. Marine Corps), Jack Swigert actually served in the U.S. Air Force. Further, Fred Haise had transferred from the Marine Corps into the Oklahoma Air National Guard in 1959, so by the time of the Apollo 13 mission, he, like Jack, would have been wearing his Air Force pilot wings
  7. istration (NASA) in the 1960s and '70s. The project reached its goal with the July 1969 landing of Apollo 11 on the Moon. Learn more about the history of the Apollo program in this article

13 Minutes to the Moon Apollo 13 The crew are off course, 200,000 miles from home and without a guidance computer. Their lives now depend on their flying skills and Jim Lovell's wristwatch. The year was 1953. The sun was setting over the expanses of the Pacific. A silvery crescent moon wouldn't rise for another four hours. Jim Lovell, of future Apollo 13 fame, was a carrier-based pilot with the United States Navy who was faced with a life and death decision

Apollo 13 is one of the more famous missions to the moon. A movie was made about this flight. Apollo 13 was going to land on the moon. On the way there, the spacecraft had a problem. NASA had to figure out how to bring the astronauts home safely. They flew all the way around the moon before returning home. The crew was able to land safely on Earth When Apollo 13 was launched in the afternoon of April 11th, 1970 in Florida, 3 ARIA aircraft were waiting in Australia- two positioned to stage from Darwin and one in Perth. As Apollo 13 passed over Perth on the first orbit, we had just had sunset and it passed directly overhead illuminated by the setting sun Apollo 11 deployed the Early Apollo Lunar Surface Experiments Package (EASEP), a set of scientific instruments that measured various parameters on the moon and transmitted them back to the earth, this included temperature.. Here is a picture of Edwin Aldrin deploying the EASEP: There is a Technical Memorandum from Bellcomm Titled: Lunar Surface Temperatures From Apollo 11 Data, that has this.

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The line is pure Hollywood, created for the 1995 movie Apollo 13 starring Ed Harris as Kranz and Tom Hanks as Lovell. The flight controllers went into crisis mode On the 50th anniversary of Apollo 13, the 92-year-old hero discusses a life's journey that included two crucial years at the UW. Why were you attracted to flying? I grew up in Milwaukee in the 1930s, and all guys at that time were interested in airplanes The original negative included the trails of Apollo 13 itself as well as the ubiquitous SLA panels. (US Navy photograph, reproduced by permission from Sky and Telescope, October 1971). The Chabot Observatory calendar records an application of optical tracking during the final phases of Apollo 13, on 17 April 1970. Rachel, Chabot Observatory's.

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NASA's Apollo 11 crew blasted off from Florida's Cape Canaveral on July 16, 1969. 2. Once the astronauts safely returned to Earth, the Apollo 11 crew had to spend 21 days in quarantine Some believe the controversy that arose with the flying of souvenirs for money by the crew of Apollo 15 caused people not to talk about the Apollo 13 and Apollo 14 Franklin Mint medals when they were discovered, as once again, it could be seen as more commercialization and profiting from souvenirs flown in space The Apollo 11 astronauts 'felt the weight of the world' upon them Also on the Apollo 11 mission was Michael Collins , a fighter and test pilot with more than 4,200 hours of flying time before he.

Download Apollo 13 - Space Orbit. Rocket Grand Voyage and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. ‎Apollo 13 was the seventh manned mission in the American Apollo space program and the third intended to land on the Moon, but the lunar landing was aborted after an oxygen tank exploded two days later This marked an overall turning point in the directive of the Apollo Program, one which would culminate with geologist Harrison Jack Schmitt flying to the Moon on Apollo 17 He doesn't necessarily see 13 as a bad number, although in 1973, he crashed while flying a Convair BT-13 and was burned over 50% of his body. Before he flew on Apollo 13, Haise said he got some. Problems encounterd with the Apollo 11 Mission. There were alot of times when the decision to abort the mission was imminent. Leaking valves plagued the Saturn V rocket throughout its development. It was the biggest and most powerful rocket ever built. It was packed with a million gallons of highly explosive fuel and just before launch it.

Apollo 13 is notable for the extent to which the cast and crew went in order to accurately recreate the mission. While some elements -- like the line, Houston, we have a problem, or fights. Joe Gavin, standing behind astronaut Alan Shepard, watches Apollo 13's splashdown from Mission Control. Originally slated to command Apollo 13, Shepard would instead command Apollo 14 and pilot its LM Antares to a near-perfect landing. (Astronauts Come Home Safely, Washington Post, April 18, 1970, 1. The crew of Apollo 11, en route to the moon, encountered an unidentified flying object. That doesn't necessarily mean it was little green men in a space ship from another planet or the USS.

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Chaikin: Well, I was a died in the wool space fanatic long before Apollo started flying. When Apollo 11 happened, I had just turned 13. When Apollo 11 happened, I had just turned 13. I had told my parents, Don't even think about sending me to summer camp because I will be in front of the TV for Apollo 11 The Apollo Guidance Computer, in both its guises—one on board the core spacecraft, and the other on the lunar module—was a triumph of engineering. At 13 years old, I get a box on. Apollo 11 was the mission that enabled humans to land on the moon in 1969. The previous mission had descended to within 10 miles of the lunar surface. Apollo 11 would attempt to go the rest of the way, but no one knew what surprises might lurk in those last few vertical miles The lift-off and travel of Apollo 11 was dominating the news. We often pulled out the sofa-bed and, propped up with pillows, dinner balanced on our laps, binge-watched this almost hard-to-believe.

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Apollo 13 - It's Been a Privilege Flying With You: The astronauts prepare for re-entry while mission control awaits the outcome.BUY THE MOVIE: https://www.fa.. As Apollo 13 re-entered the Earth's atmosphere, passengers on an Air New Zealand DC8 flying from Nadi in Fiji to Auckland witnessed the Command and Service modules streaking through the morning twilight. The Auckland Star reported the sighting on their front page. Click the image for a larger version - or click here for a scan of just the text

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Apollo 13 Accident Investigation. According to NASA, Apollo 13's No. 2 oxygen tank, serial number 10024X-TA0009, was first installed into Apollo 10's service module. It was then removed and damaged in the process. The O2 tank was repaired and tested before it was installed in the service module for Odyssey Apollo 13 commander: bring back traditional flying skills Jim Lovell, commander of Apollo 13, says modern pilots are too reliant on automated systems and may be forgetting the basic skills of flying Apollo 13 Produced a year before Ron Howard's film of the doomed space mission hit Hollywood, To the Edge and Back brings the real faces of the Apollo 13 saga to the forefront. Astronauts Jim Lovell and Fred Haise talk about the flight (Jack Swigert died in 1982) while the technicians, including mission operations director Chris Kraft and.

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